Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Get to know our coffee shop in Westport, MA

What's your daily grind? Whether you're a stay-at-home parent or a corporate workaholic, you need coffee to kickstart your morning and get you through the day. That's where Gray's Daily Grind comes in. At our coffee shop in Westport, MA, we work hard to serve the best brews in the area-we don't serve your average joe. The beans we use in our coffee are locally roasted, organic, single-origin and fair-trade. We also brew our coffee with all-natural spring water.

Don't start your day with an average cup of coffee. Call 774-264-9669 now to learn about the quality drinks we serve at our local coffee shop.

    Check out what's on the menu at Gray's Daily Grind

    Gray's Daily Grind is recognized throughout the area for its robust, flavorful coffee and espresso. Your beverage will be handcrafted by one of our talented baristas. In addition to our traditional coffee drinks, we also serve: